Material Testing :

• Appearance sorting & Grade: All incoming raw materials are inspected in rigorous standards. The empties are sorted and graded, including appearance sorting; and are inspected by the first full printing test.
• Matching test: Extensive matching tests are conducted in different extreme environments and the post-lifecycle test to make sure all the replaced components work harmoniously.
• Performance test: All the key parts including OPC,Wipe Blade,Doctor Blade,Magnetic Roller and PCR are tested by the advanced new equipment and dealt with.
• Sand blasting and Re-coating: Every damaged Roller or OPC is sand blasted or recoated to make sure they can perform well during the next lifecycle.
• Sealing: Each cartridge is sealed with a sealing strip and inspected by the new advanced facilities and testing processes for airtight t to avoid toner leakage.
• Assembly: All the components are assembled and mutual inspection is applied to ensure the quality control. New special technologies and new advanced facilities are applied.

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