ION invests funds on most upgraded and advanced production equipment yearly to ensure the perfect quality for every piece of cartridges.

• Training beforehand: Our workers must go through a rigorous training beforehand, ensuring all of them skilled operators, to minimize human error.
• Ahead beta test before mass producing: Our products will be conducted beta test before mass producing, through analyzing and comparing the testing data, determined the feasibility of the product, if ok, we do mass producing.
• In the process of mass producing, PQ1 will verify the Ahead beta test, and the same time, guaranteed every cartridge is tested by printing on the production line. Its the second full printing test.
• Sampling test again: Every production batch is sampling tested by a 2% rate and the samples will undergo 200 pages printing test. Sampling rate even raises to 5% for brand name products. It’s the third time printing test.