3D Fit Anti Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone X


Product Description

Special Features:

ion glass is specially treated reinforced glass and high effective anti-blue light coating layer, which has ultra-high hardness, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. Even if a sharp object scratches the surface, it will not leave scratches. Unlike flat-screen cuts with general screen protectors, ion glass edge is beautifully matched to the curved screen of your iPhone X, giving you smooth touching feel and edge-to-edge full screen protection. Oil treatment effectively reduces fingerprints and grease residue.

Anti-blue light coating effectively blocked the strong blue light and harmful UV emitting from the monitor. ion glass reinforced glass screen protector fits perfectly with your iPhone X, like a stealth shield for your phone and your eye.


Anti Dust Version

Anti Blue Light/ Anti Harmful UV

Optimal 0.33mm thickness

Surface Hardness 9H

Full Screen Coverage

Anti Blast/ Anti Scratch/ Anti fingerprints

High Transparency/ Crystal Clear

Design for iPhone X


Model Number: 3DAX


Product Code: 80296IS

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