iON 3 in 1 Automatic Sensor Clamping Qi Wireless Fast Charge Retractable Short & Long Extension Universal Car Mount


Product Description

Special Features:

3-in-1 Auto Sensor Clamping Qi wireless fast charger with retractable short and long extension arm mobile phone car holder

1. [Fully Auto]: Adopt the most advanced Infrared Sensing Technology: When the mobile phone is close to the holder charging area, the holder clamp arm will automatically open. After the mobile phone is put on, the holder clamp arm will automatically be tighten. When you retrieve your phone, simply touch the switch button on the bottom left and the holder clamp arm will be opened automatically. (In order to avoid accidental touch, the holder clamp arm is opened unusually. The smart memory design technology restricted that the holder clamp arm be automatically be opened for more than 1 second touch, effectively avoids the problem of children opening by mistake.)

2. One-hand operation, automatic switch, dedicated driving, wireless charging, fast and safe!

3. The latest Qi WPC 1.2 version, 5V 2A, 9V 1.5A fast charging input, 5V 1.5A 9V 1.2A 10W fast charging output for iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max / XR, iPhone 8/8 Plus 7.5W and Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Plus, Note 8, Note 9, LG G6 Plus, etc., all wireless phone charging devices that support Qi wireless charging.

4. Retractable length bracket arms and air conditioning accessories can be placed freely in the car windshield, dash board and air vent position, 360 degree adjustment of the phone holder, configuration Type C transmission line, for wireless charger to provide power through fast charging. Adopt washable re-cycle PU injection material suction cup for stability and safety.


Product Standard: Qi WPC 1.2

Input: DC5V/2A,9V/1.5A Fast Charge

Output: 5V 1.5A 9V 1.2A 10W

Working Frequency: 110-205KHz

Working Distance:4-10mm

Chargering Efficiency:≥75%

Compatible:All Qi-enabled Devices

Air Vent Adjustable Adaptor x1

Type C Fast Chaging Cablex1

Color: Black

Support Device: iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs/X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, All Android Support Qi Wireless Charge Devices

Model No.:CH10AWE


Product Code: 80347IS





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